Past Simple или Past Perfect?


Задание 1. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

  1. Sorry we are late, we had missed/missed the bus.
  2. I did/had done my homework, cleaned/had cleaned my room and then went for a walk.
  3. The man arrived at the station but the train had already left/already left.
  4. By the time Jenny got to the party most people went/had gone home already.
  5. They travelled/had travelled to Barcelona last month.

Задание 2. Исправьте ошибки в предложениях. Правильные предложения отметьте словом «RIGHT».

  1. It was warm in the room, so I took off my coat.
  2. The pair had bought tickets for the train and then moved in the direction of the platform.
  3. Had you stayed at a hotel during your holiday last summer?
  4. By the time I had a chance to speak, he had already turned his back to me.
  5. When the doctor entered the hospital room, he saw that the patient finished his lunch.

Задание 3. Составьте отрицательные предложения с глаголами в скобках, поставив их в правильном времени – Past Simple или Past Perfect.

  1. I … my exam last Wednesday. It was very difficult. (pass)
  2. Mila was very pleased to see Tom. She … him for 5 years. (see)
  3. I was very lucky. By the time I finally arrived at the airport, the plane … yet. (take off)
  4. She … a dress yesterday. They all were sold out. (buy)
  5. When my brother was little, he … chocolate. (like)

Задание 4. Прочитайте внимательно ситуации, где одно действие предшествует другому и составьте правильные предложения с глаголами в скобках.

  1. When he … his phone out of his pocket, he … that the battery … . (take, realise, run down)
  2. When another idea … into my mind, I … already the e-mail. (come, send)
  3. By the time we … our main course, the dessert … already on the table. (finish, be)
  4. I didn’t have much luck. I … the exam which I … for perfectly well. (fail, prepare)
  5. When I … her, she … already the news. (call, know)

Задание 5. Переведите предложения на английский язык, используя Past Simple или Past Perfect.

  1. Мы видели это представление несколько недель назад.
  2. Я не хотел читать эту книгу, потому что я ее уже прочитал.
  3. Поезд остановился и люди вышли на платформу.
  4. Я дал свой ноутбук другу, так как его ноутбук сломался.
  5. Они узнали эту музыку, потому что они уже слышали ее раньше.

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